Our passion is to prepare delicious meals. We are working hand in hand with our chefs to serve your favourite dishes or to make the meals you taste in our restaurant your new favourite. The most important for us to prepare all the meals perfectly so all of our guests can enjoy them, and to make them mouth-watering delicious and healthy.

We can provide finer and finer meals within seconds for those who need a special diet. It is the best if you let us know of any allergies, food intolerance, diet or any other cases at the time of the reservation rather it is you or any of your family members. These meals are prepared with the same enthusiastic and care!

In our child- and baby friendly hotel, in Noszvaj the traditional Hungarian meals are prepared from natural ingredients. Inside the hotel you can find two cozy restaurants, buffet for kids and a terrace with a lovely shade of the trees. If you wish to have an abundant Hungarian meal, a rustic and exotic taste with stylish serving, than the restaurants of Oxigén Family Hotel**** are the best choices for you!

De la Motte Restaurant

Our breakfast and dinner is served as a rich buffet in our restaurant. Some of our packages also includes all inclusive service, with a lunch. At breakfast we offer local delicacies, crafted cheese, jam and honey, all of which is prepared in the neighborhood’s family farms with tradicional methods. The pastries are baked freshly in the morning. During lunch you can choose from our seasonal menu which includes children and baby options as well. For dinner as it is typical in this region our favourite choices includes vension and specialities of the forest. For all the meals we recommend the finest wines of Eger and the most popular types of „pálinka” of Hungary. Anyone who chooses from this buffet, can make sure they are tasting traditional and healthy foods.

Family Friendly Restaurant with the favourite dishes of the children

Right next to the restaurant you can find the Bambino Playhouse, where all the children can enjoy themselves. They are not only welcomed with their favourite dishes on the buffet, but with a two storey playing castle in the playhouse.

We found it very important that the parents can also have a nice and calm meal so we decided to build a direct entrance to the newest playhouse from the restaurant. The children can be easily bored at the table if they already had their tummies filled, so we found the solution. With the children’s all inclusive service we wait for the little ones with: semolina milk pudding, spaghetti, and many more delicacy. But of course they can also choose a child portion from the regular menu in our child friendly hotel’s restaurants.

Right next to the children’s buffet you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the De La Motte restaurant. In the middle of playing there is no better than some delicious bites, specially with colorful children’s cutlery. Delicious food, playful environment, laugter and convenience. What else do you need in a child friendly restaurant, which is available for the little guests from the morning till the evening?

Family Bar

Our Family Bar is next to the De la Motte restaurant, where we offer you light meals, refreshments and fine wines of the wine region of Eger. Which one would you prefer? A warm cup of tea, a sweet and cold lemonade, or just a fresh salad? For your entertainment you can find gametable and darts, or you can easily access the Dino Playground and the house of Páfrány through a playful corridor. You an also walk out to the terrace on a sunny day, where you can enjoy the chirping of the birds with your lovely cup of coffee.

Porcelán Restaurant, the perfect place for events

The Porcelán Restaurant is a seperate room where you can enjoy our finest meals and refreshing drinks in a gathering of friends or family, or even in a company event, seperated from the other guests. You can peacefully enjoy each others company. The name faithfully reflects the elegance and unique style of the restaurant, so it is not a coincidene that it is a popular pleace for wedding receptions.

*Children’s all inclusive

Breakfast: buffet breakfast is served from 8:00 until 10:00 in the restaurant. We always make the children’s favourite for breakfast like semolina pudding, bakery products with jam, and foamy cocoa. Delicious!

Snack: in our Bambino playhouse we offer different delicacies every day (pastries, snacks, biscuits) from 10:00 until 12:00

Lunch: The children’s lunch menu is available from 12:00 until 15:00, or the children can have lunch with our animators in 2 shifts, from 12:00 until 12:30 (above 4 years). Every day we offer a specific menu for the little ones, which includes a soup and a main course.

Afternoon snack: in our Mini chef program, the children can prepare their own snack with our animators, every day from 16:00.

Dinner: rich buffet dinner, and also there are 2 kind of meals made specifically for the children which are served in Bambinó playhouse from 18:00 until 20:00.

We can offer you the following all day: fresh fruits, yoghurt, pudding, and „túró rudi” Hungarian chocolate with cottage cheese.

*Adult all inclusive

Beyond the half board offer, some of our packages on specific dates, exclusively on the weekdays, offer buffet lunch for the adults as well. You can find the specific details in the descriptions of our discounted packages.

We provide a narrowed buffet for lunch which includes: Salad bar, 1 type of soup, 3 types of main courses (2 kinds with meat, and 1 vegetarian or pasta), dessert, fruit bar.

Time of Lunch: 12:30-14:30 in the De la Motte Restaurant