Child-friendly hotel

The uniqe Oxigén Family Hotel**** became popular within minutes, with an English country mansion resemblance hidden between towering trees in a four hectare estate.

Child friendly hotel for the little ones and for all ages

It was one of the first hotels in Hungary which became the favourite choice of kids, parents and grandparents as a child-friendly hotel.

We are providing all inclusive service for children and also taking care of entertainment. Our enthusiastic animators are preparing programs for all ages every day of the year. Plenty of places to play for children: Zen Spa family wellness empire, Dino Playhouse, Páfrány Acivity Park, Squirrel Adventure Park, vehicle park for children, beach volleyball and many more options for hiking nearby.

Baby Friendly Hotel out and out

Every parent knows how difficult it is to plan a holiday when a baby is arriving into our lives, because our needs are changing towards to a hotel. Luckily more and more people started to realize this fact and baby friendly hotels were created.

The fact, that Oxigén Family Hotel**** is an out and out baby friendly hotel is not only a fairy tale, or a trite expression. It is a real joy for us to hear the child laughter and we do not mind if there is a spot of cocoa on the tablecloth. We are waiting for the babies and small children with all kinds of creative, educational and entertaining programs. Some of them are available everytime but we create new options as well every week.

Baby friendly services

A place where the laughter of the children is the sound of happiness

Our little team at the Oxigén Family Hotel is working for your enjoyable stay and promise you will never be bored in our family wellness hotel. In 60 hours a week, we have sporty, adventurous, and creative programs for the children, in a baby and family friendly hotel, where everything is designed for your convenience and built in a wonderful area. Rather it is soft snow under our feets, or the warmest sunshine on our face, it is not a difficulty for us, we always find a way to look for adventures out in the fresh and clean air. Climbing trees, having a snowball fight, throwing, dancing, playing sports, or you can try the Hungarian game called „number war”. Even it is too cold outside, or the rain is pouring, we have plenty of fun and creative games inside for our little explorers. Of course we will be there and play with them.

Tools and Equipments you can lend

In our child friendly hotel there are plenty of available things to lend such as sporting equipment, games, hiking equimpent and accessories, and also a lot of trifle for your baby’s needs.

For Children

  • Child Bicycle
  • Rollers
  • BMX bikes
  • Bicycle helmets
  • Table tennis racket and ball
  • Badminton racket and balls
  • Handball
  • Footballs
  • Soft and plastic balls
  • Sled
  • Sandpit toys

For Babies

  • Stroller
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby cot
  • Baby bedding and sheets
  • Water heater
  • Baby Bottle warmer
  • Diaper changer and diapers
  • Diaper dispenser
  • Baby bath
  • Toilet seat reducer
  • Baby monitor
  • Night lamp
  • High chair
  • Seat booster
  • Respiratory monitor

For Adults

  • Nordic Walking hiking stick
  • Backpack
  • Picnic blanket
  • Adult mountain bike