Noszvaj is a small town located in the south side of Bükk Mountains, and is awaiting for the hikers with plenty of sights, and with clean natural environment.

Discovering Noszvaj

You can find one of the cleanest aired little town in the country, near the National Park of Bükk, in the valley of Kánya Brook. In this area even walking in the village is a wonderful experience, but the hiking routes are also easy to access even for beginners or for the ones arriving with a child. The neighborhood can be discovered with only a short travel, and the adventurous guests can find many entertaining programmes for themselves. We have collected some of the locations,which is worth to visit:

In Noszvaj: De la Motte Castle, and castle park, Cave Dwellings, Síkfőkút, Várkút and hive stones.

Nearby: Szomolya – Hive stones, Cserépfalu - touristic area, Bogács – Thermal Spa

Eger and surroundings is waiting for you to discover

There are plenty of programmes in Eger and in it’s surroundings for the whole family. Family adventures in small villages, between the hills, at the bottom of the Bükk, in a historical city. There are so many experiences waiting for you in this neigborhood, and that is why it is so famous in the circles of domestic and foreign travellers as well. We will give you some hiking and sightseeing tips. As a family friendly hotel, we are offering you some practical and useful impediments for your trip, such as maps, bikes, blankets, backpacks and many more things. Please ask for these equipments at our reception, are colleagues are happy to help you!