Baby friendly hotel

There is not a single thing we did not think of as a baby friendly hotel. This way we can make sure you can travel safely and carefree.

Baby friendly hotel for the little ones

We can provide all these things in your room, on request: toilet seat reducer, baby bathtub, anti-slip, bathroom stool, diaper dispenser, and even a diaper changer. In our restaurant you can always find a high chair, seat booster, mug, bib, microwave owen, and various kinds of baby food and baby drinks. In case you need we can offer you a baby stroller, a baby carrier, a winter padding in your stroller, a thermometer, baby medicine, a bath diaper, or against a deposit, you can ask for a baby monitor and a baby breathing monitor.

This is what we call baby friendly! This is our beloved Oxigén Family Hotel! We kindly ask you to put on a request for these items at the time of the reservation, or on the online check in form before arrival!

Baby - Mommy rooms

We prepared baby-mommy rooms in our wellness area and on the first and second floor of our baby friendly hotel. These rooms are available for our guests 24 hours a day. There are some practical things in there to help you (baby bottle warmer, microwave owen, dish, kitchen sink, sterilizer, paper towels, plates, pots, cutlery, glasses, fridge, water boiler, dryer- except on the first floor). This way all of your needs for the baby and the mommy are available for you 24 hours a day.

Zen Spa Family Wellness Empire

Baby sauna: A baby sauna strengthens the immune system helps to prevent upper respiratory tract illnesses. It has a benefitial effect to prevent a cold or a caugh. A great experience for the mommy and the baby to spend a few minutes in a nice and warm area.

Infrared sauna: The rays of the infrared sauna are in the same range as the incubator for the newborn babies (2-25 micrometer wavelenght) they penetrate under the skin up to 4 centimeters where the light transforms into heat energy. It is a great immune booster!

Baby massage: A massage is a comminucation which can mediate feelings calmness and love without any words. Through the advantages of physical exposures a baby massage stimulates the skin, the respiratory and circulatory system, lymphatic system, improves blood circulation, helps the function of the immune system, senses and muscular system. The baby’s weight gain and progress is more balanced.

Baby swimming: In the water our spine is disencumbered so we can strenghten the muscle system of the babies and we can train the muscle groups for crawling, climbing, and later on for walking. We can improve musculoskeletal disorders and it can be the best way to prevent any posture failures. As a furher positive physiological effect it improves the heart and circulatory system and strenghtens the immune system, We can also prevent allergic and asthmatic diseases with the help of baby swimming.

Zen spa wellness